WM 100 W
Power for residential or commercial buildings at windy locations or off-grid houses.
This WM 100 W drag turbine can be placed in areas with turbulence, such as on roof tops, and do not need a tall mast. Built to withstand storm conditions. For power supplement for commercial or residential buildings at windy locations or off-grid houses.
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Sweep area: 1 m²
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Mass (excl tower): 25 kg
Under development — release sping 2024
250W turbine
Location specific placement optimization
EM Wind provides the additional service of optimizing and recommending an ideal placement for a EM Wind drag turbine at our client's location.

Structures can affect airflow immensely and may either cause blockage or increase airflow through a turbine. Choosing an optimal location for a turbine can therefore have a large impact on the resulting power output.
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