Yes in my backyard!
250W turbine
Drag Turbines
The WM drag turbines can be placed in areas with turbulence, such as on rooftops, and do not need a tall mast. For power supplement for commercial or residential houses at windy locations, off-grid cabins, or field installations.
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Lift Turbines
The WM lift turbines can be placed in open fields or along a private coastline. For powering or as a power supplement for residential houses, communities, greenhouses, farms, or production facilities.
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What is a
Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) rotate around a vertical axis, unlike conventional wind turbines whose blades rotate around a horizontal axis. VAWTs can furthermore be subcategorized as lift-based or drag-based. The turbines range from small to large scale, and different types are suitable based on the desired purpose and location.
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What is the
The EM Wind VAWTs have a low carbon footprint and provide sustainable energy with a low risk of causing harm to biodiversity.
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