Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
What are VAWT?
Vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) rotate around a vertical axis, unlike the conventional wind turbines whose blades rotate around a horizontal axis (HAWT). VAWT can furthermore be subcategorized as lift-based or drag-based. The turbines range from small to large scale, with different types being suitable for different purposes and locations to harness the power of the local environment. EM Wind is determined to accelerate electrification by providing a wide range of sustainably produced wind turbines to the market.

Lift-based VAWT rotate due to lift forces on the blades. This type is suitable for larger turbines, but the simpler construction and easier maintenance make it an appealing alternative to a conventional wind turbine. EM Wind lift-based turbines can be locally owned and used to provide power for multiple households, production, or businesses.

Drag-based VAWT rotate due to drag forces on the blades. This type is suitable for smaller turbines, and the size, low rotational speeds, and low noise level make it possible for these turbines to be mounted in residential areas, on buildings, etc. without causing a disturbance. EM Wind drag-based turbines can be used for on-site electricity generation for cabins and field installations at off-grid locations or as a power supplement for residential or commercial buildings. Synergize with solar panel installation for a sustainable stand-alone system.
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